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    Madison Miller

    USASF Level 5 Senior Team
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    Mariah Ojile

    USASF Level 5 Senior Team

About Universal

19 Years of Family Owned Cheerleading & Gymnastics

Universal Gymnastics & Cheerleading was opened in 1997. Since opening we have had several national championship cheerleading teams, as well as regional and state gymnastics champions. Our gymnastics and cheerleading programs have vastly grown over the past ten years and have become a powerful force not only in this state, but throughout the nation.

Our gym was established to coach and train individuals and teams in gymnastics and all-star cheerleading. Our objective is to teach your child to be the best that they can be. We will provide constructive and complete training in all areas of gymnastics and cheerleading.

We hope not only to develop the best teams and individual athletes possible, but also to instill qualities and values that last a lifetime. We are committed and passionate about our gymnastics and cheerleading programs and care about every student that is involved in our program and value their time, talent, and dedication.

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The team

Bobbi Cody
Owner, Gymnastics Team Coach
Gene Cody
Owner, Gymnastics Team Coach
Shannon Cody
Cheer Director & Coach Team Gymnastics Coach
Bronwyn Cody
All-Star Cheer Coach & Team Gymnastics Coach

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